Technology is constantly evolving and it is taking the notion of print media into a new dimension.

The mobile barcode is a new technology that takes print media into the future. Whether we are looking at an ad in the street or a magazine, we are restricted by what the picture shows us. However, with mobile barcodes print media comes to life. Once you scan one of the barcodes with your phone you instantly get more information through rich and useful content like videos, pictures, or even directions to a store. With this new technology advertisers can truly develop a company’s brand through an innovative medium.

Overall, the technology not only benefits advertisers but also consumers. We as consumers are always looking for a way to make things more efficient. With this technology we can process product details at an exponentially faster rate than regular print alone, limiting the time we spend searching for products and maximizing our time enjoying them.

As innovative as this new technology seems, there is still some speculation as to whether this idea will become widespread or not. Is this truly the future of print media, or will its current reachability issues limit its success?