In today’s market, advertisers are constantly searching for innovative methods to attract potential customers. An influencer of purchases that may not come to mind immediately is actually one of the most prominent: children.

Statistics have shown that children under the age of twelve directly influence more than $365 billion in annual family purchases. Teenagers influence another $650 billion. Furthermore, researchers have found that children begin to show brand preferences at the age of two, and these preferences often last a lifetime. For this reason, companies that would not regularly focus on children are beginning to do so. Companies like Sport Illustrated and Craftsman, that are usually adult based, are creating products specifically designed for children, such as Sports Illustrated for Kids and My First Craftsman Power Tools.

Another company also seeing the true potential of kids is Toyota. Even though Toyota’s main products are vehicles, they know that children continue to play a strong part in the decision making process.

As seen from the commercial above children do have a voice and people are starting to listen. So the next time you find yourself saying, “They’re just kids,” think again.